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What does GFF stand for?
Garruchaff is a 5 day party that has been held every year for the last 6 years and is held in Garrucha and Mojácar during the last week of June. Every single evening is different, for example, in 2007 there were a lots of parties; One in a country-side house; another in Mojacar and we had a great night in a “chiringuito” reserved for entirely for us. And on the Saturday night the well-known All White All Night took place. All White All Night demands that everyone attend in a white outfit. When the sun is rising and we glimpse the first sunrays, all clothes are ripped off and everyone throws themselves into the swimming pool. No exceptions, nobody gets away with it! And in between everyone enjoys the fabulous sunbathing, swimming and, seafood of the Mediterranean.

Why do we host the 5 day party?
Why not? Must there always be an actual reason to throw a party?. The GFF’s goal is not lucrative. We love partying and that’s it. All money paid merely covers the costs of the events and is not for profit.

GFF origins
GFF began in June 2002. We finished our degrees and we were eager to have some fun in the summer months. However, being skint and therefore unable to go on a expensive trip, we came up with something that combined sea, sun, parties, and piss-ups. Garrucha!! From that moment on the parties began, and they’re still going strong…

When does the GFF take place?
The party is from Thursday 19th of June until Tuesday 24th of June. At this stage these are provisional dates but we don’t anticipate any reason why we might need to change them. If we do, we will let everyone know as soon as possible.

How much is already arranged?
Almost everything: Accommodation and all the parties

The things we don’t arrange and aren’t included in the cost are:
Transport and food

How much does it cost?
We won’t know this until we establish how many people would like to attend. Also payments are made on a daily basis, which means if you only want to come for a couple of days, or just for the weekend, that is fine too. To give you a steer, last year those who came for the weekend paid around EUR180 for the two days (all accommodation and booze), and those who made it for 5 days finally paid EUR230 (again all accommodation and booze).

What if I’m short of money?
As organisers we don’t aim to make money out of the 5-day party, hence, we expect everybody to come along regardless their financial situation. If you financial situation is weak, please pink an e-mail at garruchaff@garruchaff.com and we’ll sort it out.

Where is Garrucha and Mojacar?
The towns are on the “Almeriense” cost, next to Murcia. In sum, beautiful beaches and lots of sun!

How many people are invited?
The number has gone up year by year. GFF started with just 37 of us. By summer of 2007 there were 170 of us!

Who throws such party?
Chou is the ultimate responsible and goes out of his way to make it happen. Fruco, baxter, Oze Luí, Karlton, Isa, Carras, Marín,Vic, Álvaro and Ciri made up the organising committee. They do their best to live up to all expectation by getting involved since the very first day. Without them, the party would fall through.

Who can come along?
GFf is a private party. Thus, you can come over if you invited. First of all, as we pointed out above, the party is not meant to make money. If we wished to get money out of it, we would invite everybody and charge a higher price… Nonetheless, this would GFF no more. Second, it a five day long party. We make sure everybody gets along to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Therefore, we know that ,by inviting only close friends, we ensure the party will be held in line with our arrangements and expectations

What should we do to make it to the GFF???
First of fall, everybody is expected to register in the GFF through the web and fill out all the applications forms. It is essential that everybody is registered to keep up with the scheduled arrangements. It takes less than 3 minutes to register and three more minutes to fill out the application form. You are all required to complete the application as soon as possible to have a rough idea of the number of attendees. Imagine how tough it would turn out to accommodate 150-200 people without any news from them whatsoever.

What should I do if I am not sure about going?
By all means, you are required to register. Please, indicate in the application form that final confirmation is still outstanding. This information is useful and help the Committee to start out the arrangements.

How does the Web work?
Web is of restricted access. New requested users must accepted by either Chou or Fruco to put “strangers” off getting through the website. It might be useful to write down your first/last name and whose friend you are to help the administrators through your identification if needed. Once accepted, an e-mail will sent over you. From that moment, you will be able to use your nickname and password to log on the website and “surf” around through the various link

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